Updated graphics, updated AOD Mode, and updated hands.

Click button below to download in the Galaxy Store.

Too fun, not to have!  This one’s great for anyone with a little adventure in them. See pics for details and thanks for looking!

This is ND-ADVENTURER (for Gear S3 and newer)
Double tap the logo to choose from 12 different activities. Tap the white watch icon to change the color. Now go enjoy your adventure. See pics for more details, and check out more of my watch faces at https://nauglesdesigns.com. Thanks for looking, and Happy Adventures.
The ALTIMETER & STOPWATCH APPS can be downloaded at the Galaxy App Store if your shortcuts don’t work, they are free Samsung apps!

Time format: 12hr/24hr (BASED OF PHONE SETTINGS)
AOD: Supports Gear S3 & newer
5 backgrounds

Time (12hr or 24hr)
Heart Rate – Distance Mile/Km
5 backgrounds (double tap)


Schedule/Calendar – tap date
Battery – tap battery gauge
S-Health – tap health readout

Double Tap Logo for different adventures
Weather – tap weather icon
Alarm – tap time
Schedule – tap date
Messages – tap message icon
Altimeter – tap alt icon
Stopwatch – tap stopwatch icon

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