Thank You for looking at ND-Lunar-03! The dark version of one of my favorite & best selling watchfaces. This one, like the others has some animation to it & is made for the adventurer and watch enthusiast who wants something different. GALAXY STORE LINK (ND-Lunar-03) FEATURES: All Digital Watch-Face 12/24hr Time on screen Date Battery indicator Burned calories Heart rate, Steps 6 Backgrounds AOD Mode … Continue reading ND-Lunar-03

Altered State

Thanks for checking this one out. If you like futuristic watch-faces, then you should love this one. FEATURESTime format: 12hr/24hr (BASED OF PHONE SETTINGS)Date – AOD Modes – Shortcuts – Animated DISPLAYTimeDateShortcutsBattery Gauge SHORTCUTS (TAP FUNCTIONS)Alarm – tap timeS-Health – tap heartE-Mail – tap email iconWeather – tap weather iconMessages – tap SMS icon Continue reading Altered State


This is Noir DigitalThe digital version of my NOIR Watch=Faces. TAP DATE FOR SCHEDULE APPTAP TIME FOR ALARMTAP TOP LEFT FOR S-HEALTHTAP WEATHER ICON FOR WEATHER APPTAP SMS ICON FOR MESSAGE APPTAP HEART FOR HEART RATE APPTAP POWER METER FOR BATTERY APP Check out the links below for more cool watch-faces and giveaways! NAUGLESDESIGNS FULL COLLECTION:http://galxy.us/naugle FACEBOOK FAN PAGE:https://www.facebook.com/NauglesDesigns FACEBOOK COMMUNITY:https://www.facebook.com/groups/SamsungWatchFaces/ INSTAGRAM:https://www.instagram.com/watchfaces_by_nauglesdesigns/ Continue reading NOIR DIGITAL

ND-CLASSIC EDITION (updated 03/21/18)

(This watch face is not to be missed.  If you like watches with exposed moving gears, then this ones for you. The ND-Classic Edition took a while to make and looks great.  Your friends will love this one, and it’s available now at the Gear Store. UPDATED HANDS – ADDED AOD MODES – ADDED 12hr/24hr MODE .CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE (ND-ClassicEdition) $1.00     Continue reading ND-CLASSIC EDITION (updated 03/21/18)